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MS-4mm Practice Kendo Bogu Kote [Fabric + Deerskin]

  • $ 136.00 USD
  • Product Code: KBPK_005

    These Practice Kote’s are popular with those that have purchased our FD-4 and MS-4 Series of Bogu.

    Using 4mm stitch intervals, this is the industry’s sweetspot for dampening and conformity. It does not include Cowhide, which makes it longer lasting and provides a supple feel on the hands.

    These Kote’s are undoubtedly the best bang for your buck!

    KOBUSHI (FIST) Indigo Dyed Deer Leather
    PALM Smoked Deer Leather
    NAMAKO Single Namako
    FUTON REINFORCEMENT Indigo Dyed Cotton

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