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Japanese Sunuke Bokuto Set

$ 377.00 USD
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  • Product Code: KB_006_SET

    Sunuke is from a tree called 'Isu No Ki' that is grown in Miyazaki prefecture, Southern Kyushu. Sunuke is the center core of the tree, that remains after the surrounding wood has rotted away. It's rarity and exclusivity justifies its more expensive price. It is very hard and strong, and in Miyazaki, there is a legend that says this 'Sunuke' purifies illness, and brings good luck. It is rich in color, impact resistant, and will last for a long time.

    Made in Japan

    MATERIAL Japanese Sunuke - Isu no Ki
    SIZE Length(Short) : 1.6shaku, 54.5cm, 21.6in (Standard Kodachi)
    Length(Long) : 101.5cm, 40in (Standard Daito)
    WEIGHT Short : Approx 350g, 12.3oz
    Long : Approx 600g, 21.2oz

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