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[In-Stock] Aoi Koshirae special Iaito(2.40 Shaku/8.5 Sun)

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  • Product Code: IIPS_001-3

    * This sword has no cutting edge, exclusively for Iaido use.

    The Dragon themed Aoi signature Sword. Luxury that remains faithful to tradition. High Performance with Prestige.

    This is simply the Dragon of Aoi's swords, and stands head and shoulders above all others.

    Super Flex-Resistant Zinc/Aluminum Alloy Koto Finish

    Aoi's signature sword has won over fans with its superior balance, workmanship and finish. The blade may be ordered with or without hi (blood groove) in Sand Cast Super Flex-Resistant Zinc / Aluminum Alloy Koto Finish.

    Steel, Antique Finish Tsuba, Sliver Habaki

    The Aoi's habaki is finished in brushed silver, highly polished towards the blade and subtly textured near the tsuba; thus complimenting the overall antique theme.

    This specifically selected tsuba is created by our craftsmen by forging , and curing through heat blasting and is the finest out of Aoi's wide collection.

    The Dragon of Luxury

    The signature sword is the dragon of all our Iaito! Aoi includes a full dragon theme, from the Maki Ryu design on menuki, through to the fuchi & kashira. With an Antique finish, our menuki features traditional impressions of ancient Japanese dragons.

    TOSHIN LENGH 2.45 Shaku (73.2cm, 28.8")
    WEIGHT 1058g
    HAMON Suguha
    TSUBA Mino Ryu
    MENUKI Makiryu XL
    TSUKAMAKI/SAGEO Brown Silk Hineri-Maki
    TSUKA LENGTH 8.5 Sun (25.8cm, 10.1")
    SAMEGAWA Black
    SAYA Natural Urushi lacquered by hand

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