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[Instock Iaito] Higo Koshirae Basic Iaito (2.45 Shaku/9.0 Sun)

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  • Product Code: IIIS_160

    Highly perfected form and well balanced

    The Higo Koshirae Basic Iaito is a very popular Iaito amongst a variety of practitioners. A cotton Tsuka wrapped over ray skin, complemented with antique style Hana menuki, is just a taste of what the Higo Basic includes. Despite its simple presentation, the Higo Basic Iaito is crafted by a Shinken Toshyo (Liveblade Swordsmith); resulting in a highly perfected form and well-balanced Iaito.

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    • Proudly hand-crafted by Japanese swordsmiths in Japan.
    TOSHIN LENGH 2.45 Shaku (74.2cm, 29.2")
    WEIGHT 891g
    HAMON Notare with Hi (Sand-cast Flex Resistant Zinc Aluminum Alloy Blade)
    TSUBA Kiku Sukashi
    FUCHI / KASHIRA Ibushi
    MENUKI Ryu
    HABAKI Antique Double Brass
    TSUKAMAKI/SAGEO Black Cotton / Black Cotton
    TSUKA LENGTH 9.0 Sun (27.2cm, 10.7")
    SAMEGAWA Black
    SAYA Kuroro


    All our Iaito are hand-crafted by craft masters in Mino, Japan; the traditional home of Japanese sword making. We're proud to represent 650 years of history while guaranteeing the highest of Japanese standards in every Iaito. We ensure that each of our Iaito incorporates the traditional balance, form and finishing, required by all Iaido practitioners worldwide.


    Aoi Budogu's Iaito is constructed using high-quality materials. These swords are strictly for non-contact Iaido practice and display only. If the Iaito is used to cut or hit anything, damage to the sword and its user may occur.

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