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[Custom Iaito] Standard Higo Koshirae Iaito

  • $ 550.00 USD
  • Product Code: IISM_104

    Durable and Sophisticated!

    Higo Koshirae Iaito features rounded kashira and kojiri. Created by Hosokawa Mitsuari family, the Standard Higo Iaito is well known for durability and highly sophisticated design. The Hanzou Tsuba features "Shimenawa", a traditional sacred rice straw festoon, which is used as a barrier against evil spirits. A tachiyoroi menuki and rounded iron fuch/kashira are the perfect combination for an antique higo style Iaito. Two full strips of white ray skin are visible between the thick threads of cotton wrapping. One may choose either black or dark brown cotton tsuka-ito. Suguha or, the popular notare are available as custom hamon choices. The Iaito's saya is available in kuroro (glossy black), kuro-ishime (matte black) and cha-ishime (brown matte).

    We have limited the choice of custom options, thus allowing for quicker delivery. However, despite the greatly reduced crafting time, there are no compromises - we guarantee Aoi quality.


    Sand-cast Flex Resistant Zinc Aluminum Alloy Blade

    Sand-casted blades are among the most widely used blades in Iaito. At approximately 800g, the sand-casted blade is very well balanced, with the balance point being near the tsuba as opposed to it being near the tip of the iaito.

    LEFT : Metal-cast Flex Resistant Heavy Zinc Aluminum
    RIGHT : Sand-cast Flex Resistant Zinc Aluminum


    Aoi Budogu's Iaito are constructed using high quality materials. These swords are strictly for non-contact Iaido practice and display only. If the iaito are used to cut or hit anything, damage to the sword and its user may occur.

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