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Japanese Aikido White Oak Bokuto/Jo Set

  • $ 133.00 USD
  • Product Code: KB_013

    White Oak Aikido Bokuto/Jo are made from Japanese Shirokashi, where the grain is very compressed compared to other types of wood and this results in a more hard, tough, durable bokuto/Jo with minimum twistage. Specifically made for Aikido practice and is produced in Japan with carefully selected Shirokashi.

    Made in Japan

    MATERIAL Japanese White Oak - Shirokashi
    SIZE Length(Bokuto) : 104cm, 40.9in
    Length(Jo) : 127cm, 50.0in
    Diameter : 24mm (0.95in)
    WEIGHT Bokuto : Approx 670g, 23.6oz
    Jo : Approx 530g

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