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MINAMOTO Double Layered Aikido Gi [DX]

$ 264.00 USD
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  • Product Code: AG-600

    The Double Layered Aikido Gi [DX] is our most durable and heavyweight Gi. For Aikido practitioners that find that no Gi can take the abuse that they put their uniforms through, this Aikido Gi is for you! As with most of our Gi’s, you will find that the areas of the uniform that are vulnerable to tearing are reinforced by patches and extra stitching.

    This Aikido Gi is also recommended for colder climate locations as it keeps your body insulated while pulling the sweat from your body into the Aikido Gi.

    Aikido Gi Spec
    Weight 1.7kg (3.7lb) - size:#4
    Layer Double layer
    Material Heavyweight Preshrunk Cotton
    Backseam Backseam
    Weave Traditional 'Rice-Grain' Weave
    Texture Toughness & Heavy-duty
    Etc. Thick & Heavy use

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