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Aoi Reward Point System

  • 1 Point equivalent to 1 Cent
  • Points can be used when balance reaches 500 points
  • Only Registered Customers can accumulate and redeem points. (Points not available for those who placed an order as a Guest.)

Accumulation of Points (Percentage)

You will be rewarded 2% of the total value of the product total.

Products total of $350 = 700 points = $7 value
Products total of $500 = 1000 points = $10 value

  • Points will be added to your account after purchase.
  • Points accumulated from a completed purchase may take a few days to be added to your account.

Point Expiry

Your points accumulated from purchases from WILL NOT expire!

Usage Restrictions

  • Points will not be granted for difference of discounted items or for amounts that have been paid by points.
  • Some Items may exempt from Reward Point Discount.
  • Points are non-transferable nor can be traded in for cash value.
  • Points cannot be used towards sale promotional or discounted merchandise.