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I can hardly believe such a quality

I can hardly believe such a quality product is offered at such a reasonable price! The hakama sits well on the waist, drapes beautifully, and is lightweight enough that it isn't a burden to train in. AOI gave me very patient and expert assistance in choosing the right size, and it arrived fitting exactly as I'd hoped it would. I highly recommend their embroidery service as well - their price is far more reasonable than other martial arts suppliers, and they completed even more quickly than the estimate I'd been given. If you're considering this hakama for yourself, I'm sure you'll be equally thrilled with it!

I got this Hakama today,

I got this Hakama today, it's wonderful. It's nice and heavy (heavier than the tetron Hakama) and it just looks awesome. It has a little bit of a purple property about it, I see more deep purple than deep blue. I want to rinse it a few times before I wear it, so I tried on my tetron one just in case the indigo dye would bleed on my new uniform underneath. I'm a beginner but I bought this Hakama because at the dojo we practice Iaido with a Hakama on. I'm beginning my Aikido and Iaido practice next Tuesday, can't wait to bring my nice new Hakama with me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I love the feel of the Hakama.

I love the feel of the Hakama. It drapes well and feels light when I move. Its great that the pleats are sewn in the inside. My old Hakama needed to be ironed everytime I washed it. I am happy with my purchase!

A great solid feeling shinai

A great solid feeling shinai. All of the nodes of the bamboo are perfectly matched. Used it in practice a few times and looks like its holding up well. I will buy another to keep as a spare.