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MINAMOTO Single Layered Aikido Gi [DX]

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  • Product Code: AS-200

    The Single Layered Aikido Gi [DX] is the wisest choice for beginner to intermediate Aikido-ka. The weight of the fabric has been selected for its properties in promoting freedom of motion at the joints, absolutely essential in the learning of new waza/techniques. It is also by far, the simplest to care for and maintain. This Deluxe Single Layer Aikido Gi is recommended for hotter climate locations or to be used as a uniform for the hot and humid Summer months.

    Aikido Gi Spec
    Weight 1.2kg (2.6lb) - size:#4
    Layer Single layer
    Material Lightweight Preshrunk Cotton
    Backseam Backseam
    Weave Traditional 'Rice-Grain' Weave
    Texture Touchably-soft & Durability
    Etc. Well-balanced

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