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[New] #11000 Traditional Cotton Black Iaido Hakama (Permanent Pleats)

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    Traditional Iaido Hakama made with 100% Cotton

    Features of #11000 Hakama

    The #11000 Iaido Black Hakama is a hakama that dyed the traditionally used cotton in black for Iaido use.The Hakama fabric made with #11000 fabric, which contains many threads of cotton yarns. #11000 refers to the 11,000 threads of cotton yarn weaved between every 1-inch by 1-inch fabric.

    In ancient Japan, a unit of weight called "Kanme" was used to classy types of fabric, but it has been replaced with "ban" (Number). Nowadays, #12000 is generally the heaviest hakama. In comparison, #11000 is a nice hakama that is lighter and easy to use. Unlike the synthetic fiber, the moderate stiffness of #11000 maintains the hakama shape when it is worn, creates an elegant posture.

    The History of Black Hakama

    Do you know why today's IaidoHakamas are in black?

    The colour of Gi/Hakama has a meaning.In ancient Japan, "white" has been the sacred colour.In religion, white is a demonstration of unsullied integrity at the presence of God while in martial arts, white holds the meaning to train with an empty mind.After long years of usage, the white martial art gi/hakama turns darker, tinge by seasons of training.

    In other words, the black gi/hakama represents a seasoned practitioner.In today's world, as stain stands out in white and it has become easier to dye black, more people wear black hakama from the start. However, the importance and difficulty to continue training remain unchanged.

    As the colour representation of relentless practices and devotion, black gi/hakama is well loved by Iaido practitioner then and now.


    • May shrink 1 to 2 inches after the first washing.
    • NO Machine wash and tumble dry.
    • Hand wash in cold water only, and hang dry after stretch.
    • Stretch the Hakama after the first washing to prevent shrinking.
    • The width of shrinkage may differ from the water temperature, soaking time and drying method.
    • No returns accepted after washing.

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