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Personalized Multiple Shinai Carrier

Personalized Multiple Shinai Carrier

  • $ 45.00 USD
  • Product Code: KSB_021

    Heavy Duty Multiple Shinai Carrier

    Durable, lightweight and designed for convenience, this Shinai bag is the bag of choice for those on the go. Constructed from lightweight ballistic nylon with high quality zippers to resist wear and tear this Shinai bag is extremely durable. Can be carried around with a handle on the side of with the shoulder strap. A specious pocket on the side allows for easy storeage for your Tsuba's, Tsubadome's and other Shinai maintenance equipment. If you want to take your bokuto with you, a pair of lateral straps of the bag allows for easy transportation without having to remove the tsuba and tsubadome. Fits up to 7 Shinais.

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