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Instock HIEI- Hand-stitched Kendo Bogu_Only 1 Set Available

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  • Product Code: KBHS_006_2

    Traditional Luxury Made in Japan...

    Hiei Bogu Set, available in 1.0 and 1.5 bu, offers traditional luxury at its best! Craft masters, specializing in lacquer work and construction ensure the highest quality in the, double folded leather, 7 line silk embroidery and an urushi-natural hand-lacquered do-base; featured throughout Hiei. Looking for a traditional Japanese work of art? Then this Hiei is it!

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    • Highest quality IBB Titanium Mengane
    • Traditionally and beautifully indigo-dyed tight woven cotton fabric #11000 is used for hand-stitched by craftsmaster
    • Chin guard features a genuine silk braided embroidery in 5 lines
    • Size: 69cm(27.2in)


    • Chest guard of Do is made of hand-rubbed, blackened cowhide and features a 3 lines silk braided embroidery for both sides
    • 60 pieces bamboo Do base is carefully hand-lacquered in japan
    • Size: XL(42cm, 16.5in)


    • High quality soft deerskin head
    • The forearm guard is 2.0bu hand-stitched natural cotton
    • The palm leather is made of high quality smoked deerskin
    • Single namako
    • Size: 19cm*23cm(7.5in*9.1in)


    • #11000 indigo dyed cotton and soft deerskin are used for this model
    • 7 lines of hand braided silk embroidery
    • Size: L(W:79cm, L:40.5cm)

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