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[Custom Iaito] Standard Jidai Koshirae Iaito

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    Aoi's standards are high

    Don't let the word 'standard' fool you! We at Aoi work with high standards so even the 'standard' models are finished to perfection using only genuine materials and traditional finishing. Along with the traditional dragon fuchi/kashira pattern, other features of this Iaito include genuine ray-skin (samegawa), and 100% cotton tsuka-maki. A choice between ishime or kuroro saya is available. Ishime saya has a textured mat black appearance and kuroro saya has glossy black finish with a natural lacquer. For tsuba, tsuru sukashi or kiku sukashi tsuba are available with the standard jidai Iaito. The tsuru sukashi is a crane with extended wings while the kiku sukashi is a chrysanthemum design and for both, sukashi refers to the cut out open work of the tsuba. With such features, there's no doubt that the Standard Jidai Iaito is a Beginner's #1 choice!!

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    TOSHIN (BLADE) Sand-Cast Standard Zinc / Aluminum Alloy matte finish
    (Single line HI )
    (w/o Saya)
    Approx. 770g (1.70lb)
    @ 2.45 shaku (74.3cm, 29.2")
    Alloy Base Dragon Pattern

    All our Iaito are hand-crafted by craft-masters in Mino, Japan; the traditional home of Japanese sword making. We're proud to represent 650 years of history, while guaranteeing the highest of Japanese standards in every Iaito. We ensure that each of our Iaito incorporate the traditional balance, form and finishing, required by all Iaido practitioners worldwide.


    Aoi Budogu's Iaito are constructed using high quality materials. These swords are strictly for non-contact Iaido practice and display only. If the iaito are used to cut or hit anything, damage to the sword and its user may occur.

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