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AOI - 1.0bu Hand-Stitched Kendo Bogu Set

  • $ 7,670.00 USD
  • Product Code: KBHS_001

    The Flagship of Aoi's Art...

    A 1.0 bu indigo dyed, hand-stitched, work of art! This Aoi Bogu Set is literally customized luxuary at its best. Made in Japan by Japanese craftsman, the Aoi Bogu Set features 8 silk embroided braids, all bamboo, a hand laquered do-base, and deerskin throughout its trim and kote. This is for sure one of the best Bogu Sets you can get your hand on in the world!


    • Highest quality IBB Titanium Mengane
    • The tightly woven natural cotton fabric #11000 is indigo dyed in Bushu district japan by hand, traditionally and authentically. Then it is hand-stitched in 1.0bu(3mm) width.
    • Chin guard features a genuine silk braided embroidery in 5 lines and hemmed with deep indigo dyed soft buckskin


    • Chest guard of Do is made of hand-rubbed, blackened cowhide and features a 3 lines silk braided embroidery for both sides
    • 60 pieces bamboo Do base is carefully assembled and hand-lacquered in japan


    • Top quality soft deerskin head
    • The forearm guard is made from tightly hand-stitched natural cotton
    • The palm leather is made of Top quality smoked deerskin


    • #11000 indigo dyed cotton and soft deerskin are used for this model
    • 8 lines of hand braided silk embroidery

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