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Deluxe Indigo-Dyed Single Layered Kendo Gi & DX Tetron Hakama Set

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  • Product Code: SET_KGH_004

    The Deluxe Single Layered Kendo Gi is comprised of 100% cotton which ,although very thick, will have a extremely comfortable and soft feel. The Deluxe Tetron Kendo Hakama is fabricated with 60% polyester and 40% nylon. Through countless trial and error testing, our staff at Aoi Budogu was able to come up with a Kendo Hakama that will satisfy all our devoted customers demands. This Hakama has an ideal shape with long lasting pleats that won’t disappear upon washing.

    AOI QUALITY Over 40 years of martial arts experience as well as listening to 10 years of customer's requests and input in order to provide the best in what the industry has to offer. The Aoi tag guarantees that the item has been developed for safety and comfort from the early stages of finding cutting edge materials, and crafting it with the highest of standards.

    How to care for the Indigo dyed Cotton Gi

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