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Deluxe Patterned Tsuba

  • $ 44.00 USD
  • Product Code: KSA_009

    Give your shinai a beautiful accent. The Deluxe Patterned Tsuba gives your shinai a classy traditional Tombo or Sakura look all the while being more protective and durable. Available in different colors and sizes.

    SIZE: M

    (36, 37 for Women)
    Outer Diameter: 83mm
    Inner Diameter: 29mm
    Thickness: 7mm
    SIZE: L

    (37, 38, 39 for Men)
    Outer Diameter: 88mm
    Inner Diameter: 32mm
    Thickness: 7mm
    WEIGHT SIZE M: 39g
    SIZE L: 41g
    COLOR Blue / Red / Black
    PATTERN Tombo / Sakura
    MATERIAL Polycarbonate

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