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FD-4mm Kendo Bogu Tare

  • $ 219.00 USD
  • Product Code: KBPT_002

    Aoi’s FD-4 Tare will match any 4mm bogu seamlessly. High attention to detail is evident by simply noticing the elegant dyed deerskin used for both reinforcement of the himo belt, as well as adding visual appeal. The Tare also incorporates 6 lines of genuine silk braided embroidery. The 4.0mm stitch interval provides maximum dampening protection, that will last the life of the bogu.

    MAE OBI REINFORCEMENT Indigo Dyed Deer Leather
    HIMO Double Fold
    HIMO ENFORCEMENT Indigo Dyed Deer Leather
    KAZARI 6 Lines of Hand Braided Silk Embroidery + Indigo Dyed Deer Leather with Cushion
    TARE REINFORCEMENT Indigo Dyed Deer Leather

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