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[Instock Iaito] Expert Jidai Koshirae Iaito (2.45 Shaku/9.0 Sun)

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  • Product Code: IIIS_152

    TOSHIN LENGH 2.45 Shaku (74.4cm, 29.3")
    WEIGHT 918g
    HAMON Midare with Hi (Sand-cast Flex Resistant Zinc Aluminum Alloy Blade)
    TSUBA Kasuga
    MENUKI Hata
    HABAKI Antique Double Brass
    TSUKAMAKI/SAGEO Black Cotton / Black Cotton
    TSUKA LENGTH 9.0 Sun (27.5cm, 10.8")
    SAMEGAWA White
    SAYA Kuro Ishime
    • Delivery time : Immediate shipping
    • Proudly hand-crafted by Japanese swordsmiths in Japan.
    Made in Japan

    All our Iaito are hand-crafted by craft-masters in Gifu, Japan; the traditional home of Japanese sword making. We're proud to represent 1200 years of history, while guaranteeing the highest of Japanese standards in every Iaito. We ensure that each of our Iaito incorporate the traditional balance, form and finishing, required by all Iaido practitioners worldwide.


    Aoi Budogu's Iaito are constructed using the highest quality materials to pursuit to achieve the excellent Iaido practice. These Iaito swords are strictly for non-contact solo-Iaido practice or display only. Also this sword cannot be sharpened. Please do not use them for cutting, hitting or paired exercises. It may cause damaging the sword and result injuring its user. Aoi Budogu accepts NO RESPONSIBILITY for any damage and/or injuries caused through misuse of this product.

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