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KAZE Indigo-Dyed Kendo Gi & #6000 Hakama Set

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    KAZE Indigo-Dyed Kendo Gi

    Made of lightweight fabric yet traditional Orizashi weaved, this Gi is perfect for a tournament use. Feels very light during intensive matches.

    Kaze #6000 Hakama

    Bushu "Shoaizome" Indigo Dye

    Bushu Indigo Dye has been used in garments since the 7th century. The dye is a highly affective deodorizer, insect repellant, and insulating substance. In addition, when added to fibers, such as cotton, Bushu Indigo Dye can increase the material's durability by approximately 50%.

    AOI QUALITY Over 40 years of martial arts experience as well as listening to 10 years of customer's requests and input in order to provide the best in what the industry has to offer. The Aoi tag guarantees that the item has been developed for safety and comfort from the early stages of finding cutting edge materials, and crafting it with the highest of standards.


    • May shrink 1 to 2 inches after the first washing.
    • Do not use Dryer, hang dry only.
    • Stretch the Hakama after the first washing to prevent shrinking.
    • The width of shrinkage may differ from the water temperature, soaking time and drying method.
    • No returns accepted after washing.

    How to care for the Indigo dyed Cotton Gi

    The following items are included in this product:

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