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Koto-Style Shinai "KYOSHIN"

  • $ 45.00 USD
  • Product Code: KS_251

    "KOTO" Style Shinai

    The koto style shinai has a straight contour. It's heavy presence is said to mimic the Japanese sword (shinken). It is favored among those that feel that the regular or tournament style shinais do not have enough "weight" behind it.

    "KEICHIKU" Bamboo

    Majority of shinai's out there are made of Keichiku bamboo. Keichiku bamboo is roughly 7-8cm in diameter and are harvested all year round in Taiwan. The high density fibers is said to contribute to the long life of the shinai. However, during import, or the storage they go through some dry conditions which may remove some of the natural oil and or moisture from the shinai resulting it easy to develop slivers on the shinai upon use. All our shinai has given special oil treatment in factory before shipment that can extend the life of shinai and increase the durability and resistance from being destroy by dehydration.


    Over 40 years of martial arts experience as well as listening to 10 years of customer's requests and input in order to provide the best in what the industry has to offer. The Aoi tag guarantees that the item has been developed for safety and comfort from the early stages of finding cutting edge materials, and crafting it with the highest of standards.

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