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Patterned Tsubadome -Tsubatomo

  • $ 15.00 USD
  • Product Code: KSA_043

    “Tsubatomo Ekeeps the tsuba firmly even during intensive practice. The outer frame is made of hard plastic so it won’t be curved easily. The thickness of inner rubber is 2mm. Durable and easy to put on/off.

    Tombo (Dragonfly)

    Dragonfly, "Tombo" in Japanese, is known as "Kachi-mushi (Victory insect)" from the fact that they only fly straight forward and never go backwards. Tombo motif was very popular among Japanese warriors in the 17th century and often used on their armors such as helmets and swords. The samurai spirits are passed on to Japanese martial arts nowadays. Tombo motif is one of the traditional motifs loved by kendoka for many years.

    Sakura (Cherry blossom)

    "花は桜木、人は武士 (hanawa sakuragi, hitowa bushi)"
    It is a Japanese proverb meaning "The best flower is cherry blossom, the best man is warrior." Japanese samurai regularly used Sakura motif with the pride of being Bushi (Samurai).
    After a long, cold winter, Sakura beautifully blooms and falls very quickly. The decisiveness of Sakura flower’s life is often identified with Samurai themselves.

    Edo Komon

    Edo Komon is a kind of Japanese pattern from ancient Tokyo which is formed by thousands of small patterns and tiny dots. It was generally used in kimono and small accessories.
    The kimono with such intricate design was crafted with pristine craftsmanship which made such fabric very expensive and sought after by many.
    Its small subtle patterns make it hard to notice from afar until seen up close, which was considered the highest of class in that era. Because of this, it was very popular amongst Samurai.

    SIZE Outer Diameter: 7 cm / 2.76 inches
    Available Shinai Size: 30, 32, 34, 36, 37, 38, 39
    WEIGHT 15g
    PATTERN Tombo / Sakura / Edo Komon

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