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FD-5mm Practice Kendo Bogu Kote [Fabric + Cowhide + Clarino Palm]

  • $ 120.00 USD
  • Product Code: KBPK_004

    Aoi Budogu’s Practice Kote’s are the perfect solution for those looking to replace an old set of worn out Kote’s or simply to have an extra pair to use in conjunction with your main pair.

    As with all of our bogu parts, they are built to last. These Kote’s are crafted from Fabric, Cowhide and also Clarino in all of the critical areas to promote comfort and style. Crafted with 5mm stitch intervals, these Kote’s are a steal!

    KOBUSHI (FIST) Indigo Dyed Cow Leather
    PALM Clarino
    NAMAKO Single Namako
    FUTON REINFORCEMENT Indigo Dyed Cotton

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