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[NEW] Kesho Tsuba

  • $ 28.00 USD
  • Product Code: KSA_013

    The beautiful Sakura and Japanese traditional waves patterns are inserted in the reinforced clear plastic.
    Some Kendo tournaments may have some restrictions on decorated tsuba.
    In the event like that, you can simply flip over then it can be use as regular undecorated tsuba.

    Available for standard shinai size 37 to 39. Can be also fit for a thicker shinai by grinding the hole bigger.

    SIZE Outer Diameter: 88mm/ 3.46 inches
    Inner Diameter: 33mm/ 1.28 inches (Easily Grindable)
    Available Shinai Size: 37, 38, 39
    WEIGHT 38g
    PATTERN Sakura / Waves

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