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FD-2mm Kendo Bogu Kote

  • $ 260.00 USD
  • Product Code: KBPK_008

    FD-2mm kote’s are Aoi’s best offering in the machine stitched category. Whether you are looking for replacing your old torn up kote’s or having a premium backup pair, then the FD-2 Kote’s are definitely a pair to consider. The 2mm interval stitching assure that the Kote Buton (Cotton Padding forming the Body of the Kote) remains rigid and constantly provides maximum protection. Constructed mainly from deerskin, the FD-2 kote’s have proven to dry quicker, and last much longer than Cowhide or Orizashi Fabric contained kote’s.

    KOBUSHI (FIST) Indigo Dyed Deer Leather
    PALM Smoked Deer Leather
    NAMAKO Single Namako
    FUTON REINFORCEMENT Indigo Dyed Deer Leather

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