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FD-4mm Kendo Bogu Men

  • $ 317.30 USD
  • Product Code: KBPM_002

    The 4mm Kendo Men is Aoi’s answer for a dependable and superior Men in the machine stitched category. This Men is crafted for beginner to intermediate Kendoka, with the same high quality materials and craftsmanship with our higher 2mm FD-2 Men. Like the FD-2 Men, #8800 Shoaizome fabric is used, also decorated and reinforced tastefully with genuine deerskin trim. With the 4mm stitch intervals, you can be sure that the Men Buton will dampen the majority of the strike, which leaves one less thing to worry about for Kendo practitioners that are new to using bogu. The Men comes standard with a light Duraluminum Mengane face cage, upgradeable to Titanium or the “IBB EIdeal Best Balance Series of Mengane’s.

    If you are looking for a dependable and well built Men without breaking the bank, then this Men is definitely for you!

    MEN BUTON #8800 Shoaizome
    MENGANE Duralumin, IBB Duralumin, Titanium, IBB Titanium, IBB Titanium Pro
    BORDER STITCH Border Leather (Deer Skin)
    FUTON REINFORCEMENT Indigo Dyed Deer Leather

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